We are manufacturer for CNC Assemblies as per customer requirement, and offering the best price in market

The many different makes and models of the CNC machines designed as vertical machine centers are usually referred to VMC machined assemblies.

Engaged in offering VMC Machined Assembly and being a supplier of CNC Machined Components, these arehigh quality and supreme choice products.

Many manufacturers are aware of precisionmachining that explains the increasing demand of machining centers
- Particularly CNC Machined Assembly, which seems to have important role in producing high precisioncomponents fast, precisely, and accurately. It has standard and replaceable tooling. Thereare some high-end features:

These components are used for various works like Welding, Forming, Metal Fabrication,Shaping, Punching,Milling, Grinding, Machining, Drilling, Turning, Chip Formatting AndRolling. These components are also available in varied sizes and specifications to makethese useful for various functions and uses.


  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Longer functioning life